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Gestalt Counselling

& NLP for

Work Life Issues

Most of us find it difficult to completely separate out work life from our personal life. Professional life can be rewarding but there are times when we find it stressful.  Challenges related to your professional life can impact on you emotionally causing work related stress. When you are feeling unhappy with your job, this dissatisfaction can spill over to the rest of your life, causing sleepless nights, high levels of stress and ruined relationships.


Getting professional mental health help is one way to get unstuck and to address these concerns. Working life issues counselling in combination with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help you to look at the issues from a different perspective and find more constructive ways to deal with the challenges of your professional life. The therapist will work to reveal your “map,” the unproductive patterns that make you feel stuck, and then write a new map that replaces those with empowering habits and effective strategies.


This type of therapeutic approach can help you find a fresh perspective and better understanding of what may drive the unhelpful dynamics, and can also benefit those who are interested in personal growth – a powerful human need that can bring fulfilment to your live.


Perhaps you feel unhappy, stuck, uninspired or unable to make a decision about your work life, or you are suffering from low confidence. Maybe you are struggling with identifying what it is that you enjoy about your career, or you are concerned about your future prospects.

Some of the many issues and areas that clients bring to counselling for working life are:

  • Lack of confidence and feeling like an impostor

  • Diversity & equality issues

  • Difficulties with Assertiveness & Setting of Boundaries

  • Bullying or harassment in the workplace

  • Difficulties with effective communication

  • Conflict at work

  • Anxiety about performance and unhealthy drive towards perfectionism

  • Managing relationships with colleagues and managers

  • High-stress levels & Burnout

  • Job dissatisfaction, feeling stuck, lack of direction

  • Redundancy

  • Retirement & losing your purpose

  • Unhealthy Work-life balance


One to one support

Research indicates that the effectiveness of the therapy depends on the relationship you have with your counsellor. It is therefore important that you find someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can build a trusting relationship with.


The initial session is an opportunity for both you and the therapist to decide if you would like to work together.

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